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Summer Grind, BIG Things On The Horizon - August 2022

Updated: Aug 16, 2022


Hey everyone! Our apologies for being a little behind in our monthly blog posts. We have been slammed with what I like to call "The un-magical part of filmmaking" which is the paperwork....ugh.

Getting our final costs reports, audits, and submitting all of our financials to the provincial and federal governments for our tax credit applications is always a grind and never fun, but they are the lifeblood of Canadian film production success. Without the Canadian tax credit programs like CAVCO, the FTTC, FIBC, and the Canada Media fund, Canada would not have a film industry...period. We are super grateful these programs exist, but the paperwork required is daunting and it has been taking up a ton of our time during the months of July and August, so we apologize for the lack of posts.


As some of you may have seen, we officially announced we will be producing Canadian rock icon Bif Naked's Documentary this fall with our partners at Electric Panda Entertainment! We are beyond pumped to be working with Bif, who is an absolute sweetheart and legend. Canada is blessed to have an artist like her. We are also very excited to be working with Sundance and Genie award-winning director Jennifer Abbott (The Corporation, The Magnitude of All Things). Jennifer's documentary, The Corporation, is one of the films that inspired me to produce The Union: The Business Behind Getting High and bring Score G Productions to fruition, beginning my quest to produce thought-provoking documentaries. It's a tremendous honour to be able to work with both Jennifer and Bif. I can't wait for the team to get rolling this fall.

A project you have probably heard the team and I talking about, and posting BTS photos about for the last couple of years, that is finally finished is Breaking Olympia: The Phil Heath Story. We couldn't be more proud of how this incredible documentary turned out. Breaking Olympia is a very special project to me because this project had to endure and overcome more challenges than almost any project we have produced. Shortly after pre-production began, the global Covid pandemic was announced and the world shut down in a way no one from our generation had ever experienced. We filmed this project during the PEAK of COVID, before vaccines were available. We went down to Florida when the State was getting over 40,000 Covid cases per day and filmed the Mr. Olympia event amongst a crowd of 6,000 people. Our team had to constantly research and review travel restrictions and Covid policies. The Mr. Olympia event then switched last minute from Vegas to Orlando, Florida. The team and I had to constantly adapt and evolve to be there to capture Phil Heath's incredible journey and be ready and overcome whatever the world threw at us.......and we did. To minimize exposure of the crew we ended up driving halfway across the United States because, traveling to 6 different states (Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, New York, and New Jersey) in a little over a week.

HUGE thank you to Seven Bucks Productions for all their help during this INSANE production schedule, especially Erin Lardy, Kevin Hill, and Nikki Cuff! It has been a dream come true to work with Dany Garcia and Dwayne Johnson. The ScoreG Team hopes Breaking Olympia can be the first of many documentaries we collaborate on.

Behind the Scenes

We are currently in the process of delivering Breaking Olympia to Super Channel and are out to Netflix, Universal, Peacock, and ESPN. We will let you know the moment we have locked in our international distribution and can officially announce. We truly CAN’T WAIT for the world to see this amazing documentary. In the meantime, we wanted to share what some of the programmers at Super Channel had to say about Breaking Olympia when they watched the delivery version:

"I’ve always been quite uncomfortable with the oversized muscles that look so unnatural, but I was absolutely GLUED to the screen and every word! You, and your team did such a stellar job of capturing Phil’s heartfelt story and he was so honest, emotional, and humble, (and funny!) at telling it, that he had me teary-eyed and then smiling many times, and here I am, cheering him on and hoping for that win, even though I am not at the live event!"

"Adam. Wow. I don’t know how you guys do it, but the films just keep getting better. This was outstanding. I don’t consider myself much of a sports guy and I know even less about bodybuilding… but your films always manage to transcend the subject matter and really connect on a human level. Phil seems like such a loveable dude, must have been amazing getting to spend all that time with him. Thanks again for another fantastic film! And congrats on what will surely be another massive success!"

Before I sign off I need to send an incredibly big and sincere thank you to my team for working through and overcoming any adversity thrown at us, always delivering a thought-provoking and inspiring story. Making a film is a team effort and I truly believe I am blessed to work with one of, if not the best team in the industry. THANK YOU ALL for your incredible and tireless work ethic and commitment.

In the News

Although we're not quite ready to publicly announce yet, we have recently signed the life rights of our next documentary subject. We can say that this person was a trailblazer in their industry, breaking records and reaching the pinnacle of the profession. They are also a stand-up individual. Hit us on socials @ScoreGMedia with your best guess...

Stay Tuned

Much Love,

Adam Scorgie & The ScoreG Productions Team

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