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Thunder: The Life & Death of Arturo Gatti


Thunder takes a deep dive into the life and mysterious death of iconic Canadian boxer, Arturo Gatti. The documentary explores the bizarre circumstances surrounding Gatti's death in Brazil, which was officially ruled a suicide after he was found allegedly hung by the purse strap of his wife. However, more than ten years later, the cloud of murder still hangs over the story. With exclusive access to a private investigation team, the documentary presents new information that the public has not yet seen. The series will touch on boxing, mental health, the dark side of the established press, and delve into confounding details like an adjusted will, allegations of suicidal behavior, and inconsistent autopsy reports that make up Gatti's story.



Olympia is the feature documentary unveiling the extraordinary life story of Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath, as he rises through the ranks, battles scrutiny of the media and takes on body building’s scariest foes. All while standing on the brink of becoming the greatest Mr. Olympia champion to ever walk the earth.



The documentary will chronicle Cook’s meteoric rise to stardom, his personal life, experiences throughout the years, and his record-breaking career which has spanned more than three decades. An innovator and true pioneer of social media and digital marketing, Cook was the first to discover that he could harness the power of social networking to grow his audience and further his recognition within the entertainment industry.  With his acting and comedy career taking the world by storm, Cook also faced his own personal highs and lows, including a legal battle with a member of his family, which he will open up about for the first time in this documentary.

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Jordin Tootoo's life has been predicated on his determination to rise above every challenge he has faced including the extraordinary pressure of being the first Inuk player in the NHL, addiction, and tragic personal loss.

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The story of Bif Naked can't be told without mentioning the curious circumstances around her birth, the abuse she endured, the addictions she battled, and the afflictions she survived. None of these, however, define her – they merely serve as a measurement of the tremendous adversity she has triumphed over with a kind heart.

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