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March 2022 Update


Welcome to another edition of the ScoreG blog where we chronicle our adventures (and occasional misadventures) throughout our documentary filmmaking!

We have some exciting coverage this month so I won’t belabour the intro other than to just say I hope you are all doing exceptionally well and we are thrilled to have you come along for the ride by reading this blog.

Behind the Scenes


Well, we did it…after more than 2 years ScoreG Productions finally got back in front of a live audience to screen one of our films – and it was worth the wait! We were thrilled when we got the news that BISPING had been selected to headline the Manchester Film Festival on March 14, 2022. Not only did this mean a cheeky team trip to the UK, but it also meant that Michael Bisping’s documentary WORLD PREMIERE would take place only one hour down the Queen’s Road from his hometown of Clitheroe.

Although we travel often for work, we rarely get to fully experience a place the way it’s meant to be enjoyed – eating and drinking your way through it. So we took full advantage of a couple of days in London doing just that before heading up to Manchester. Side note: for anyone who decides to rent a car in the UK, I humbly suggest getting an automatic lest you find yourself lazily listing to the left in the lane while left-handedly lugging through the gears.

The Manchester Film Festival film festival, along with the team at Universal, did a fantastic job setting up and promoting the screening. The ScoreG team walked into the theatre and heard the buzz of the crowd congregated around the red carpet and media wall. We made our way towards them, eagerly awaiting the sea of people to part and welcome us to our big night. As we approached, however, something strange happened…nothing at all. Nobody recognized us!

These nights are, after all, not about us. They are about the star of the show, rightfully so. We tell these stories because they deserve to be told. And Michael Bisping deserves every ounce of congratulations he has received, not only on the documentary, but on an incredible and heroic career. The ScoreG team was overjoyed to be a part of Michael’s big night screening the film to a sold-out crowd with multiple standing ovations, a post-film Q&A that had the audience doubled over with laughter, and an incredible late-night dinner with Michael, his family, and the Universal team.

The film is now available worldwide so we hope you enjoy!


Production on Jordin Tootoo’s documentary continues to cruise along. This month we had Jordin out to Edmonton again to film some stylized on-ice shots with him at Rogers Place. Not to pump his tires or anything, but the guy is still in phenomenal shape. Our director, Michael Hamilton, had Toots skating lines, ripping one-timers, and cussing out imaginary combatants all over the ice for two and a half hours. Hammy even got an impromptu fighting lesson from the ‘Tootoo Train’ himself. Decision: Tootoo

The next adventure on this production is our trip up to Jordin’s hometown of Rankin Inlet, Nunavut in May. The ice begins to break at that time of the year and the first fishing can be done which is an important event in the community. The ScoreG team is honoured and grateful that Jordin and the community have invited us to be a part of this. We are excited to learn about the experiences in what his people call ‘The North’ and how they shaped Jordin’s life. He has also assured us that battling the elements will be a real fun challenge for us from ‘The South’. Can you imagine going to a place that considers Edmonton ‘The South’...this should be fun.


The big thing on the horizon we want to draw your attention to is the upcoming launch of ScoreG Productions’ entrance into Web3 – the Creative Hustler Key.

This will be a limited collection of 999 NFTs, handcrafted by our 3D designer, paying homage to the ScoreG catalog of work while providing ongoing access to member-only content, community airdrops, and opportunities to be selected (and flown in) for exclusive ScoreG filmmaking experiences.

We are launching this NFT because we want to bring people closer to our filmmaking (and the talent we work) and build a community that enables us to focus on three key pillars:

  1. Exclusive BTS access to our work and documentary subjects

  2. Unique experiences that money can't buy

  3. Creative Hustler education for filmmakers

We will send out more details in a separate email next week. In the meantime, visit and hop in the ScoreG Discord for Pre-Sale access!

Some sneak peeks...

In the News

Producers, Adam Scorgie and Shane Fennessey, recorded a podcast with director, Michael Hamilton, from Manchester the night before the premiere. Links to listen below:

Stay Tuned

Essential information on the Creative Hustler Key coming next week!

Much Love,

ScoreG Productions

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