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February 2022 Update

The quickest month of the year is already behind us and, just like that, we’re well into 2022. What was supposed to be a quiet month for ScoreG Productions, with no shoots, quickly turned into one of our busiest. Things change fast in this world!

The ScoreG team kicked off production on our new documentary with Jordin Tootoo, filming his first key interview and visiting Nashville where Jordin played his first 8 NHL seasons with the Predators. It was here that Jordin experienced both some of his brightest and darkest days. Also in the production schedule was a quick trip to Hollywood, Florida where we shot an event for the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship called Knucklemania II. Bare Knuckle Fighting is the fastest growing combat sport in the world right now and the BKFC is on its way to establishing itself as a mainstream league alongside the UFC.

Behind the Scenes

Making a documentary takes a long time. Full Stop. Every ambitious filmmaker goes through a phase early in their career where they are confident that if they work hard enough they can expedite the process. I know I sure did. Although Adam would remind me I am STILL early in my career. There are simply too many variables to plan for a smooth and speedy production. Take Tootoo: The Jordin Tootoo Story as an example. We have been working behind the scenes for over a year on everything from creative outlines to financial applications. We only just rolled cameras for the first time this month.

Simply put…it was worth the wait. We sat down with Jordin for his first interview at Braven in Edmonton (shoutout to Kyle Stefanato for making this happen) and it was a powerful one. For anyone that has not read Jordin’s book “All the Way: My Life on Ice” I can’t recommend it highly enough. When I get frustrated with someone or feel slighted by them, I try to recall the quote: “be kind, everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about”. Well, Jordin’s life was a constant battlefield – which makes all that he has been able to accomplish in it all the more impressive.

What strikes me the most about Jordin is his kindness. Despite all that he has been through, Jordin treats people the right way. We spent a week with him in Nashville and watched him interact with countless people. Everyone we came across, even the ones who knew him from his darker days, had nothing but great things to say about Jordin, and welcomed him with a warm embrace. We interviewed Nashville Predators’ General Manager, David Poile, who was instrumental in getting Jordin the help he needed. Despite all the chaos that Jordin caused the team both on and off the ice, Mr. Poile was overjoyed to be a part of the film and spoke highly of him.

Be kind. Always.


February saw the launch of our official Discord channel! ScoreG Productions has consistently delivered high-quality documentary films that have connected audiences to the most relevant stories and stars of our time. Our aim with this Discord is to foster a community around those films so that passionate filmmakers and audiences alike can engage with us and the stars of our films.

In building this community we will be introducing a whole new way for fans to not only engage with us, but to actively participate in the art of filmmaking through discussion, voting, community calls and the chance to be selected for exclusive experiences alongside us on our adventures. We kicked off the Producers Studio Series, a set of live discussions with the filmmakers and stars of our docs that include time for questions from the audience! The first guest was none other than director Brett Harvey who started his career alongside Adam and has directed a number of ScoreG Productions’ most successful films. This series will continue through March and April so make sure to keep an eye out for the next episode.

For those not yet in the Discord, you can join here. Like any new app, it can be overwhelming at first, but feel free to reach out to Adam or I at any time and we can show you around. Make sure to turn on notifications as we have a ton of exciting announcements coming up that you won’t want to miss. Discord is a fantastic way for us to engage the community and, if you look closely, you will start to see more of our documentary stars popping in to chat. There may already be a certain 7x Mr. Olympia Champion kicking around…

In the News

Stay Tuned

The World Premiere of Bisping is March 14 in Manchester, UK. There are limited tickets available so if you’re in the UK get them quick here.

Bisping will be available to rent and own in the UK/Internationally on March 21 and will be available in the US on March 22. It can be found on most VOD platforms!

I know it’s the third time I’ve mentioned it, but you are really going to want to be in the ScoreG Discord. We have a huge announcement coming in March and Discord will play a factor.

Much Love,

ScoreG Productions

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