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Arctic Tundra to Desolate Desert - April 2022 Update


April 2022 was a rare month for the ScoreG Productions team in which we had no trips scheduled. To be honest, it was a nice break in the schedule that allowed us to focus on the Creative Hustler Key launch and plan for some incredible upcoming shoots in May.



The big trip that the entire team has been looking forward to since we began production on Jordin Tootoo’s documentary is finally upon us. We will be going with Jordin up to the frozen arctic tundra where his story began – his hometown of Rankin Inlet, Nunavut.

There was instant chemistry when we first met with Jordin to pitch him the idea of our team producing his documentary. We knew quite quickly that we had a winning formula. He did, however, have one condition for us that was absolutely non-negotiable. He was steadfast that in order for us to tell his story correctly: we would need to travel to Rankin Inlet to see where and how he grew up. Life there is tough and the only way to truly understand is to go there yourself.

For our team, this was also non-negotiable. If you know anything about us, you know we relish every opportunity to get as close to our subject matter as we can. While in production on these documentaries, we live and breathe the story. We get close to those involved. It is personal for us and we feel this gives us the best edge in doing these stories justice.

The ice begins to break around Rankin Inlet at this time of the year and it represents an important time in the community where the first big fishing of the season is done. Not only will we be up in the remote town where supplies are thin, we’ll be spending several days out on the Land. The only power you have access to is whatever generators you’re able to fit on the sled, and the only water available is what comes out of the lake. We will be sleeping in tents and eating what we catch. Thankfully we’ll be surrounded by capable, seasoned veterans for whom this is all part of their daily lives.


One other rare opportunity presents itself this month as the ScoreG team will get the chance to film Dolph Lundgren on set of his new film in which he will be both starring in and directing.

This marks an important transition in Dolph's career as he takes on additional layers of responsibility and creative control. Throughout our time filming Dolph's documentary nearly everyone we've talked with has mentioned how directing is such a natural fit for Dolph. His sharp intellect, unmatched work ethic, and creative vision is a potent recipe perfectly suited to the director's chair. Our team will be heading out at the end of May to capture the magic

Behind the Scenes

ScoreG Filmmaking Experience Giveaway #1

One of the most exciting parts about being a Creative Hustler Key holder is the ongoing opportunity to win exclusive ScoreG Filmmaking Experiences. These are the ultimate behind-the-scenes experiences that money truly can't buy. Days on set, studio sessions, and red carpet premieres are some of our favourite parts of filmmaking and we can't wait to share them with the community.

This Friday (May 6) we will be doing our first draw to bring one lucky Creative Hustler Key holder to join us on set on an upcoming trip.

How to win:

  1. Mint at least one Creative Hustler Key at Every CHK you own represents an entry into all of our draws.

  2. Join the ScoreG Discord ( This is where we engage the Creative Hustler community and provide utility to CHK holders.


The deadline to be entered into the draw is Friday, May 6 @ 12pm MST.

You must have minted your Creative Hustler Key before then.

We will be randomly selecting the winner Friday, May 6 @ 2pm MST.

Every Creative Hustler Key you hold is an entry into the draw.

Once identified, we will work with the winner to finalize the schedule and logistics of their trip. Exact dates are still TBD but we will do our best to accommodate days that work for our winner.

In the News

Much Love,

ScoreG Productions

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