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Creative Hustler Key Launch

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

As Creative Hustlers, we at ScoreG Productions are always trying to find innovative ways to bring our audience closer to our work. With that mindset, we wanted to do something that has never been done at the intersection of filmmaking, sports/entertainment, and Web3.

This weekend we will be dropping the Creative Hustler Key NFT on Ethereum - a limited edition all-access passkey to the ScoreG Productions community.

You can watch Adam and I break it down in the video below:

NFT stands for non-fungible token, which is just a fancy way of saying it’s a one-of-a-kind digital item that users can buy, own, and trade. Some NFTs' main function is to be digital art and look cool. Others offer additional utility like exclusive access to websites or participation in an event — like a rare piece of art that can also act as a member's card.

Each of the 3 key versions, meticulously crafted in 3D, pays homage to the ScoreG catalog of films while providing ongoing access to member-only content, community airdrops, and ongoing opportunities to be selected for exclusive ScoreG Filmmaking Experiences; all expenses paid.

Community Focus

The community is always going to be our number one priority and that will frame every decision we make. The three areas of focus for the community are:

  1. Exclusive behind-the-scenes access to ScoreG Productions’ work and doc stars

  2. Unique filmmaking experiences that money can't buy

  3. Educational resources for filmmakers – aka the "Creative Hustle"


A limited collection of 3 uniquely designed keys. 3 keys x 333 for a total supply of 999.

No more will ever be made.

Creative Hustler Key Holder Benefits

  • Access to the ScoreG catalog of Films

  • AMA’s with Filmmakers & Talent

  • Live Streams from set

  • Giveaways from the ScoreG Vault

  • Community voting & feedback

  • “Creative Hustler” Filmmaker Alpha

  • Pre-sale access to premiere tickets

  • Whitelist access for future NFT drops

Filmmaking Experience Giveaways

  • Day as a Producer: Step on set for the ultimate behind-the-scenes experience

  • Sound Mix / Edit Sessions: Watch the film come together…always gives us chills

  • Walk the Red Carpet: Celebrate with the filmmakers and stars…dress to impress

VIP Creative Hustler Tri-Key

Collect all 3 versions of the Creative Hustler Key and combine them into one all-access Tri-Key – unlocking the top-tier Creative Hustler experience.

  • VIP premiere and afterparty all-access

  • “Special Thanks” in credits

  • Filmmaker consultation

  • Plus More

Launch Details

Pre-Sale: April 16 @ 12pm MST

Public Sale: April 17 @ 12pm MST

Price: 0.13 ETH (Approx. $500 CAD)

(Don't worry...we have a credit card payment option for non-crypto users!)


With Web3, we see the possibility of an entirely new way for fans and filmmakers to not only engage with us and the talent we work with, but to actively participate in the art of filmmaking alongside us. We have several phases in our roadmap and the end goal is to ultimately give creative freedom back to artists while providing value and opportunity to our community.

Our Why

We like to innovate. ScoreG Productions has always been comfortable exploring how new technologies can improve our relationship with the audience. We were setting up Facebook pages with over 1M followers back when most "legitimate" companies were laughing at social media. We broke Canadian Kickstarter records (raising $240,000) before crowdfunding was a mainstream term. We truly feel that the world is in the '1990's internet' era of NFTs. Everyone has heard of it, most people dismiss it, but the few that choose to brave the new frontier will be considered trailblazers.

Moreover, Adam and I are grateful that we have, in our humble opinion, the best job in the world. We get to do what we love with amazing people. We often get asked how someone can get involved in what we do – whether as a career or just for fun. Well, the Creative Hustler Key is the best opportunity to do that. It is going to allow our community closer access to the behind the scenes process of our work and yield plenty of opportunities to come along in real life as well!

Your Why

An investment in the Creative Hustler Key is a bet that ScoreG Productions continues to do innovative, award-winning work grounded in exceptional storytelling. It is trusting us to continue to over-deliver for our talent and our audience.

Get Involved

The best thing you can do is join the ScoreG Discord:

This is where the community management and communication will take place. All of our AMA's, community voting, live streams, and film panels will be hosted here.

Best of all, if you have any questions, reach out to Adam or myself directly. We are what the Web3 community calls "doxxed" founders – we don't hid behind anonymity. We putting our names and reputations on the line for the Creative Hustler Key.

We can't wait to take this next step with you!

Much Love,

- ScoreG Productions

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