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Breaking Olympia Hits Edmonton

The excitement of a premiere weekend for Breaking Olympia is passed, but the memories will last a lifetime thanks to the incredible support from our hometown of Edmonton.

“The Gift” For the Oilers

On the eve prior to the premiere our team, along with Phil and wife Shurie, were fortunate to be hosted by the Edmonton Oilers as they faced the Colorado Avalanche. What most people don’t realize is that Phil spent the majority of his career in Denver, Colorado making their defeat with Phil in attendance, donning Oilers blue and orange, all the more sweet.

The evening featured a tour of the Hall of Fame room, a behind the scenes view of the Oilers leave the dressing room to take the ice, Phil cheered on by 18,000 fans as he appeared on the jumbo-tron, a live on-air arm wrestle with Gene Principe, and a post-game locker room tour capped off by a player meet and greet.

The Oilers, as they consistently do, showed that they’re a top-class organization both on and off the ice with their hospitality towards the Champ, as well as their promotion of Breaking Olympia.

Breaking Ticket Sales

A huge shoutout and heartfelt thank you to everyone who came to the premiere on Saturday evening. We are lucky to have so many people in Edmonton supporting what we do – so much so that we had to be moved to a bigger auditorium. Thanks for bearing with us!

If you made it on Saturday, you know why Phil is not only “a Champ”, but “The Champ”. He was thoughtful and articulate throughout an engaging Q&A session, and he stuck around the theatre after a long couple of days to make sure he had a chance to speak to and take pictures with every single person in line who wanted to meet him.

Speaking of Pictures

Our event was covered by longtime photography veteran, Wade Poloway, who was kind enough to spend an evening with us.

Event photos can be found here: Breaking Olympia YEG Premiere Photos

Where Can I See Breaking Olympia?

Glad you asked! The film is now available in Canada on Super Channel and accessible through Prime Video or AppleTV. It is worth mentioning that Super Channel has been our #1 partner and supporter through the years. The majority of our films, along with endless other great content, is available on their network and is absolutely worth the subscription.

Worldwide, the film is available on all major video-on-demand platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Vudu. It has reached #2 in the US, #3 in the UK, and #1 down under in Australia!

Behind the Scenes

The Score G Team is back to work already. We have one unit currently in Boston capturing some captivating interviews for Dane Cook’s documentary, while another unit remains here in Edmonton prepping for a double header of shoots on Singhs in the Ring and Jordin Tootoo’s film.

Make sure to stay tuned as there is always more to come…

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