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  • Adam Scorgie

Record Breaking With Universal Pictures

Hey everyone! Adam here taking over the keyboard for this update.

Last week, the ScoreG Productions team received an email from our distributor – none other than Universal Pictures – that every production team dreams of receiving.

"In total, we should reach well over our projected numbers in our first year of release, which would make Bisping one of our most successful documentary releases of all time" (along with Inmate #1 The Rise of Danny Trejo).

To receive an email like this from Universal Pictures has us geeking out, still, a week later. So much so that we just had to share! We knew Bisping was a very special film and that it was performing well, but we didn't know it was breaking records at Universal. The fact that our indie team – from Edmonton, Alberta, of all places – did this with back to back films, including our previous documentary Inmate #1, is truly remarkable.

Thank you, everyone, for the incredible support. Thank you to our team for a job well done and a massive thank you to Super Channel who brought both of these award-winning films to life. Without Super Channel neither of these films would exist.

You have heard both Shane and I talk a lot about NFTs in the past couple of weeks, including the Creative Hustler Key, which we truly believe is the start of something special. The amazing 3D animated design of the keys is one thing, but the community and utility built around the key is going to be something worth having. If you don't already have a Creative Hustler Key, and you can swing it, I highly recommend you get yourself a Tri-Key (3 Creative Hustler Keys that you’ll be able to merge into one Tri-Key). The ScoreG team has some super cool celebrations and experiences that Creative Hustler Key holders will have a chance to win, and Tri-Key holders are in for their own special treat as well!

I was fortunate enough to be invited on Alex Ferrari's ‘Indie Film Hustle’ podcast to talk more about the Creative Hustler Key and ScoreG Productions’ overall adventures. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t yet!

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