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  • Adam Scorgie

Amidst the Blaze at Home

An Unforgettable Week Amidst the Blaze!

It's been nearly two decades, and the memory of the wild inferno that engulfed Kelowna is still etched in my mind. The flames forced my family and me to evacuate while the army stepped in to aid fire and rescue efforts, resulting in over 200 homes reduced to ashes. And just last week, history seemed to echo itself as Kelowna faced another fiery ordeal. Once again, my family and I were forced to evacuate as flames leaped across the lake and encircled the town from all directions.

In a nail-biting twist, the fire came alarmingly close to my family's new abode. With the unwavering dedication of our valiant first responders and a helping hand from the winds, my parents new a place, that they just moved into 3 days ago and our West Kelowna neighbourhood was spared.

I can't thank Jade Ansell, Travis Stacey, and my sister Kristina enough. Within a mere 15 minutes, they came to my family's rescue, offering shelter, boats, and vehicles to safely evacuate and transport our belongings. They even rushed me back to retrieve my forgotten passport the following day (I was a bit scatterbrained). Amidst this tragedy, there's a glimmer of inspiration in witnessing our community rally together, supporting one another in times of need.

As this relentless fire season rages on, I extend my best wishes to everyone. A colossal salute to the first responders, families, and friends who've proven the extraordinary power of compassion and unity in times of crisis.

May your journeys remain safe and sound.

Warm regards,

Adam Scorgie

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