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ScoreG Productions and Dane Cook Partner To Produce ‘Brace For Impact: The Dane Cook Story’ Doc

The ScoreG Productions team is thrilled to officially announce that we are producing a documentary on legendary comedian and actor Dane Cook!

Dane Cook's comedy specials and movies were huge for everyone like us growing up in the 90s and early 2000s. Dane's massive success is made even more fascinating by the insane story of his half-brother embezzling millions from him. It's safe to say Dane had our team's attention from day ONE! We are honored, humbled, and excited that our team gets to help tell this remarkable story in a compelling and impactful way, bringing it to the big screen. We can't wait to get started!

For those who don't know, Dane also just released a new wildly hilarious comedy special titled "Above It All" which is available on his website: Be sure to check it out!

Below, the exciting announcement direct from Deadline:

EXCLUSIVE: Comedian and actor Dane Cook is partnering with Canadian broadcaster Super Channel to produce the feature documentary Brace for Impact: The Dane Cook Story. The documentary will chronicle Cook’s rise to stardom, his personal life, experiences throughout the years, and his career. Cook also faced his own personal highs and lows, including a legal battle with a member of his family, which he will open up about for the first time.

“Working alongside Rocky Mudaliar, Adam Scorgie and Brett Harvey as we dig into the treasure trove that is my past has been cathartic, magical and wild. With this doc people will be invited into the complex journey of my personal life and career as a professional entertainer,” Cook says. “From dealing with the death of my parents to cancer, arriving at superstardom without a net, and of course, the central point — putting my only brother in prison, we’re capturing a wildly entertaining doc that lands itself in both the comedy and true crime genres. What we are presenting is savagely funny and hilariously heartbreaking.”

Cook will serve as executive producer on Brace for Impact alongside Scorgie and Shane Fennessey’s Score G Production Films and Mudaliar’s Abrupt Films. Also on board to produce are Upstream Flix and Gruvpix Films. Scorgie, Mudaliar and Fennessey recently released their two previous documentaries with Universal Pictures.

“We are thrilled to be bringing this compelling, and at times unbelievable, story behind Dane Cook’s life and career to our audience,” Super Channel president and CEO Don McDonald says. “We have no doubt this will be yet another exceptional documentary to add to the growing list of Super Channel Originals, many of which are from Adam and the team at Score G.”

The documentary will be written and directed by Brett Harvey (Breaking Olympia: The Phil Heath Story and Inmate #1: The Rise of Danny Trejo).

Licensed by Super Channel in Canada, the Super Channel Original documentary is anticipated to air in late 2024.

Originally By: Valerie Complex

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