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Timing Is Everything - February 2023

February was a relatively quiet month for the ScoreG team with only a couple of short trips to Calgary and LA. The gears, however, kept turning behind the scenes as plenty of work took place in post production and other facets of the business. We even traveled back to a long-forgotten time of physical media, and decided to drop Bisping on Blu-Ray!


Timing is everything, as the saying goes. It is especially important when telling someone’s story. When life gets busy, we focus on the task at hand, and it’s challenging to get into the contemplative state of mind necessary to deliver an impactful interview. One of ScoreG’s upcoming projects is a documentary with Dane Cook, and he is in the midst of a tour that ends in May. We are waiting for the conclusion of his tour to begin rolling cameras, but we did get a chance to spend some time with him in LA this month talking about his remarkable story, and collecting a treasure trove of archival photos, footage, and keepsakes from his childhood. Dane has spoken briefly on podcasts about some of the monumental challenges he has faced in his life, and it’s truly remarkable what he has endured. We could not be more excited to begin filming with him on what is bound to be an emotional, yet hysterical, journey with a stand-up guy.

While in LA, we also had a chance to check in with Dolph Lundgren who is now in the final stages of post production on the film he both directed and starred in– the same one we spent time on the set of in the blazing sun of New Mexico last May. Only a few final interviews left before we wrap principal photography and dive deep into post production on this one!

Behind the Scenes

While it’s always a treat to head to the airport to travel somewhere (almost guaranteed to be warmer than Edmonton) in February, sometimes it’s nice to simply pack the kit – and the crew – in a vehicle and head out for a good old fashion road trip. Customs, security, and excess baggage fees are exchanged for heated seats, drive-through breakfasts, and carpool Karaoke. The team whipped down to Calgary this month to film a Dungeon Wrestling show for a project currently in development. Our story is centred around a family dynasty in professional wrestling. Your first guess would likely be the Hart family but, while they are not the focus of this particular project, we did get a chance to interview the legendary Bret “The Hitman” Hart who is part of the story. I know what you’re all thinking…the answer is yes, we did take the crew out to Bret’s new bar for some post-shoot libations.

In the News

Stay Tuned

Lots of exciting announcements coming regarding releases this year!

Much Love,

ScoreG Productions

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