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ScoreG Productions Partners With Super Channel On True-Crime Docuseries, ‘Thunder'

EXCLUSIVE: ScoreG Productions and Super Channel are pleased to announce that they have teamed up to release a revealing three-part true-crime docuseries, Thunder: The Life and Death of Arturo Gatti, a chronicle of the original “blood and guts warrior” and his illustrious career with never-before-seen evidence surrounding his mysterious death.

Arturo Gatti is a story that is being told as an episodic documentary series. From the Italian neighborhood of St. Leonard in Montréal, to the boxing rings of New Jersey, and his enormous success in Atlantic City, Thunder celebrates the life of this legendary throwback fighter in all his guts and glory. Many called him a “throwback fighter” or an “old school gladiator”. Arturo’s life was cut tragically short when he was found dead, at the age of 37, in his hotel room while on vacation with his wife and son in Brazil.

This three-part true crime documentary series will finish production in early 2022 in partnership with Super Channel in Canada and looks to finally bring to the screen not only the credit Arturo Gatti deserves as a boxer who inspired so many, but also a comprehensive and complete account of the circumstances around what many still feel to this day was a suspicious and untimely end.

The documentary series is written and directed by award-winning writer/director, Guillaume Carlier (Borrowed From Nature) of Kino Sum and produced by Alex Orlando (Histoires de Chars). The series is also produced by Adam Scorgie and Shane Fennessey of ScoreG Productions, who recently closed studio deals on the team’s last two documentary projects (Inmate#1: The Rise of Danny Trejo and Bisping). Upstream Flix represents the film’s worldwide sales and Pollyanna Hardwicke-Brown of Gruvpix Pictures will be editing and supervising post production.

Originally by: Valerie Complex

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