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Rubber Band, Man - October 2022


Hey SGP fam! We hope you were all able to eke out the last few weeks of warm weather. The summer grind for us at ScoreG Productions was REAL. Between Adam and myself, we had the team on the road for nearly the entire month of September. We spent time in Manitoba, and back up in Rankin Inlet, with Jordin for the Tootoo documentary. The team then took off to North Carolina, New York City, and LA to wrap up filming on Dolph Lundgren’s documentary.


Speaking of the Dolph documentary, time has flown by. We actually began principal photography on this project in September 2021, and started pre-production nearly a year before that. The life cycle of each project is complex. There are periods of craziness, where you’re constantly on the road, losing all sense of time and space. Subsequently, there are periods of downtime, where you can catch your breath and plan for the next bout of mania. It’s easy to get lost in the micro view of each project, forgetting what the bigger picture looked like when you first began.

Our director for Dolph’s documentary, and longtime friend/collaborator, Andrew Holmes, had some thoughtful words with perspective that he shared on Instagram, and we wanted to highlight here:

“When our team set out to produce a documentary film on Mr. Dolph Lundgren we were incredibly excited to assemble an entertaining film that would celebrate Dolph’s career and wonderful life story.

What we had not anticipated to experience was the visceral and consistent stream of inspiration that would push us to work on improving ourselves each and every day. Each shoot, every interview, and all of the quiet moments we have shared with Dolph have provided us with the excess munitions to do the little things necessary to find our own success and happiness. There is zero doubt that making this film with Dolph has made each member of our crew a more compassionate and hardworking individual, both at work and at home.

As we launch into our edit we wanted to thank Dolph and Emma for allowing us into your lives. This is going to be a very special film about an incredibly inspiring person, who has experienced a life which undoubtedly deserves a film to celebrate it — a film which will hopefully show audiences that they are capable of anything they put their minds to, even if that is simply finding peace and happiness. Please stay tuned.”

- Director, Andrew Holmes

Behind the Scenes

Right now ScoreG Productions feels like a rubber band. We’ve been stretched back, finishing up principal photography on the Jordin Tootoo and Dolph Lundgren documentaries (almost done!), and, as soon as those are wrapped, we’ll be catapulted forward into production on the next two projects. One of which – Bif Naked – you know about. The other is still to be announced, but you will probably have a good idea if you’ve been following closely along!

In the News

Stay Tuned

Lots of exciting announcements coming in Q4!!!!

Much Love,

ScoreG Productions

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