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New Film Green-Lit: Singhs in the Ring

Fennessey Films, Score G Productions, and FMT Productions are thrilled to announce that we have received funding from the CMF POV Fund for our captivating new project, "Singhs in the Ring: The Legend of the Punjabi Piledrivers”. The film will be helmed by Canadian director and TIFF Alumni, Akash Sherman. The project is licensed by Bell and will be a Crave Original as part of their 2023/2024 lineup.

SYNOPSIS: “SINGHS IN THE RING" is a feature documentary that delves into the colourful and animated world of the Singh wrestling dynasty. We journey back to the infectiously fun 1970s-era wrestling scene and witness the rise of the legendary Gama Singh of Stampede Wrestling, a Punjabi immigrant who carved out a space for fellow immigrants to enjoy wrestling. The film explores the professional and personal battles fought both in and out of the ring, highlighting the rise of a family dynasty that endures through Gama's son, Raj Singh of IMPACT Wrestling, and his nephew, former WWE Champion, Jinder Mahal. More than a documentary, Singhs in the Ring offers an invitation to an intergenerational cultural event filled with excitement and hilarity.”

As we prepare to start production in the fall, we wanted to share some wonderful notes from the CMF, expressing their excitement about the project:

"What a beautiful, fun, vibrant, and exciting story! It's a gem that brings to light a Canadian of East-Indian descent whose story is known primarily through specific communities and audiences. It's an important part of the Canadian cultural tapestry."

"The seasoned producing team and engaging director are well poised to tell this impactful and fun story! It's rare to see stories of the East-Indian experience without involving stereotypes, and this film offers a touching narrative about expressing the hard and soft edges of masculinity, fatherhood, and the balance between opportunity and family. The lens celebrates the unconditional love of family, Punjabi & Sikh cultures, and joyful resilience and empowerment."

"The characters on-screen are wonderful, and their stories come to life beautifully. The interplay between archival footage and the two storylines is evident, creating a captivating narrative."

Working with the Great Gama Singh and his son Raj to capture and share this incredible story with the world is a tremendous honour. Stay tuned for more updates and details as we embark on this thrilling journey.

Best regards,

The "Singhs in the Ring" Team

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