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January 2022 Update

The year has gotten off to a fast-paced start at ScoreG Productions. We were able to squeeze in two important trips in January for our Dolph Lundgren documentary (more on that below). Documentary filmmaking can sometimes feel like a frenetic game of cat and mouse. We are at the behest of our interviewees’ schedules, often having to pick up and head out with limited warning. Furthermore, you don’t always know how the story is going to unfold…or when. We are so fortunate to get to do what we love but it would not be possible without our incredible team that prioritizes our production shoots and finds a way to clear their schedules.

The Round Up

The team first took flight to Sweden where we were fortunate to spend several key days with Dolph and his family in his home country. Dolph has not lived in Sweden for many years and it has become increasingly challenging for him to visit home between his busy filming schedule and various travel restrictions. We were able to capture some magical moments of him and his family – you know the type that no matter how long it’s been, to everyone it feels like no time has passed at all. Dolph also gave us a tour around Stockholm to revisit some of the key places that helped shape who he has become today. The highlight of the trip was a little gem in Northern Sweden – the town of Nyland, population 908. It really was a picturesque Northern Nordic Winter Wonderland!

Stop number two on the Dolph production train was more familiar territory. The team swung down to LA where we got a chance to interview some of the key people present at the start of Dolph’s Hollywood journey. Two people, in particular, stood out, although it may not be the two that you’re thinking (I will get to them). One, a legendary acting coach who began at The Actor’s Studio with Marlon Brando and Marilyn Monroe, and later worked with stars such as Patrick Swayze, Viggo Mortensen, and Dolph Lundgren, of course. The other, a long-established film writer/director, producer, and actor. It was fascinating to hear what Dolph was like before he became an action star sensation. The common thread was that he possessed a raw, natural talent that they had to coach into most people. Dolph was a natural!

Ok, since you asked, we did also get a chance to interview two other folks you may have heard of that played a big part in Dolph’s life: Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger! Sly, of course, gave Dolph his big break as Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. This role was pivotal in Dolph’s rise to fame and the story behind how he was cast is surreal (but you’ll have to wait until the doc for that one). Arnold was a pioneer for European immigrants hoping to come to America to make a better life for themselves. He was an inspiration and mentor to Dolph. Both of these men were incredibly thoughtful in their answers and gracious with their time for us. It really is a testament to the relationships Dolph has forged throughout his life. And they also had some fantastic stories about Dolph!

Behind the Scenes

A story: in the intro I mentioned that as documentary filmmakers we often have to be flexible. While heading to LA our interview schedule was locked in. The only wildcard was Arnold. He had agreed to interview for the documentary but we had not gotten word of a confirmed date or time. We had not booked a return ticket yet because an interview with someone like Arnold is worth waiting around for a few days. We were setting up for Sly’s interview at the Beverly Hills Hotel on our second last day of filming. After Sly, we had one remaining interview the next morning. Thirty minutes before Sly walks through the door I get a call from Arnold’s assistant: “Hi, yes, this is Governor Schwarzenneger’s assistant. He will do his interview for the documentary at 9:00 am tomorrow morning at Gold’s Gym Venice”. “Fantastic, thank you. We’ll be there, no problem!” I responded. There were, in fact, several problems.

First was rescheduling tomorrow morning’s interview for later in the day. Thankfully that turned out to be the least of our worries as that interviewee was (unsurprisingly) understanding of our limited access to Arnold. The more pressing issue was that we would be going in blind to an unknown and uncontrolled location to conduct one of our most important interviews. We wrapped up with Sly and immediately set off for Gold’s Gym to survey the situation. While the gym would be open during Arnold’s interview, the accommodating GM of the facility allowed us to cordon off a quiet corner outside. The interview went off without a hitch and Arnold was even kind enough to pause for various airplanes and barking dogs in the vicinity. He did give some good-natured ribbing to our Sound Guy, Carey, about it. But who doesn’t give Sound the gears on occasion, am I right?

Last bit of BTS for the day is the unfortunate report that Sundance Film Festival was canceled due to Covid. It’s disappointing for us to have missed the chance to experience something so unique, but I’m sure it’s far more disappointing for filmmakers who may have finally made it into the festival and now don’t have the opportunity to screen their film at that illustrious event. To anyone in that situation: keep your head up. Talent always rises to the top!

In the News

We finally have a premiere to announce! Bisping will be making its World Premiere as the headline film at the Manchester Film Festival! While we may not see as many of you there as we’d like, I hope everyone in Canada gets a chance to watch it on Super Channel.

Stay Tuned

No trips planned for February but we are working like mad scientists in the laboratory cooking up some incredibly exciting things that we can’t wait to share with you all. Please make sure to subscribe to the blog and share it with your friends and family to get the inside scoop and some exclusive opportunities with ScoreG Productions.

Much Love,

- ScoreG Productions

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